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The Indy Edit Vol III

The Indy Edit Vol III



A belated March Indy Edit from yours truly because similar to the photo above, last month was a blur. There has been a lot of proverbial tilling + watering these past few weeks with projects that are in the works and about ready to bloom. From a new collection to a celebration in Atlanta (psst, you're invited!), this month's Indy Edit covers it all and then some.
Enjoy, my friends!
coming this May
Last week, I put the final touches on a body of work that has come to life quietly and persistently over the past few months. The artwork itself stems from the very roots of my being - in both artistic expression and heritage - and has been pouring from my heart faster than my hands could paint.
Unlike collections of the past, this work has come together in the complete privacy of my studio. The solitude created a path for a solo walk down memory lane - a walk that I look forward to inviting you on in the coming weeks.
Exciting details to come.
this March

1 // A Trusty Trench

This trench coat I recently purchased has become a closet staple for me as of late. Whether dressed down for errands or dressed up for an evening out, I find myself grabbing this time and time again (pictured above!).


2 // A Bagel That's Worth the Wait

In a quest to explore a gluten-free dairy-free lifestyle, I stood in a 45 minute line to see if the rumors surrounding Modern Bread & Bagel are true. Are their gluten-free bagels just as good, if not better than regular bagels? Why yes. Yes, they are. And we've been back twice!


3 // Drinks in the West Village

The other week, my dear friend Derek whisked me away to the cutest corner spot in the West Village, Bar Pisellino. I was sweet-talked into ordering a Sgroppino - featuring lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco - and I can confidently say that I have found my new spring spritz!


4 // On the Nightstand

I am currently reading A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway, courtesy of my upstairs neighbor, and there was a quote that has been ringing true in my head since -


'Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.' So finally I would write one true sentence, and then go on from there.”


I found this simple thought to be deeply encouraging. No matter what daunting task of creating sits in front of you, show up authentically in small ways. Write that one true sentence, make that one true brushstroke - be true to yourself and the rest will come.


5 // Brooklyn

We moseyed along the water last weekend and, I am still in awe of the grandeur of the bridges and view of the skyline across the way. Next time you're in the city, start your walk at Pebble Beach and head up to Poppy's in Brooklyn Heights for the most picturesque day!


6 // Clothes!

As I shopped for clothes for last week's photoshoot, I couldn't help but sneak a few personal items into the order - like this striped summer dress that would be perfect for a baseball game (Go Braves!), this flouncy number paired with colorful sandals for brunch, and this stunning raspberry high low that is perfect for wedding season! You can view the full haul here!


7 // Two feel-good songs

Living on opposite sides of the country, my younger brother and I enjoy bridging the gap through Spotify recommendations. His last song rec was a good one. Give it a listen here!


Song number two comes by way of my dear friend's first dance. She got married this past weekend at Yonah Mountain, and watching her sway with her love to this song left not a dry eye in the room! Congrats to the Marrows!


8 // Heirloom Jewelry

As previously mentioned, the Founders Society is launching a podcast this Spring and one of our guests really blew me away with her story + bespoke jewelry. If you haven't come across her stunning work yet, let me introduce you to Mary Frances Maker. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


9 // A Latte to Love

The Cinn-full OatMilk Latte from Elk deserves a spot on last month's list considering I had two dozen of them. If the latte isn't enough of a pull, their polaroid wall of the neighborhood dogs sure is!


10 // Easter in the Upper East Side

Jake and I enjoyed the most memorable Easter brunch hosted by a friend's grandparents on the Upper East Side the other week. Breaking bread with family is a gift, but when you're far from home, doing so with people that make you feel like family is a blessing. The photos below are just a peek into the goodness of that day!

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